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Triclosan is an antibacterial agent. It is a raw material used our bactericidal liquid soaps and 40% Hand Sanitizing Gel. It is also used in the consumer market for a wide variety of products including toothpastes, deodorants, toys, bedding and socks.


The use of Triclosan has become controversial recently, although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it is harmful and its use has not been restricted in any way. This has not stopped a great deal of speculation about its safety. As a result the American Food & Drug Agency recently decided to undertake its own scientific review which is ongoing.


There is however a stronger environmental case for the removal of Triclosan from products. A briefing note from the Environment Agency states that “Triclosan is a specific pollutant under the Water Framework Directive due to its toxicity.” It stresses the need to reduce emissions of Triclosan to the water environment to comply with European quality standards and avoid impacts upon aquatic life.


Cleenol has received an increasing number of enquiries as to whether or not our products are Triclosan free, and several members of our Sales Team have been asked similar questions. As a result, we have developed Triclosan free versions of our Bactericidal and Antibacterial Liquid Soaps and 40% Hand Sanitizing Gel. Independent laboratory test results have just been received and these products have all passed BSEN1276 and BSEN13727 (test for Bactericidal Activity in the Medical Area).


There is a price premium to pay for the new formulations. Triclosan is a relatively cheap product. 2x5L products will be about 15% more expensive and 6x500ml about 7.5%. It should also be noted that the pearling agent has had to be removed from Bactericidal Liquid Soap as it is not compatible with the new biocide. The new product will be similar in appearance to our Antibacterial Liquid Soap but green in colour rather than blue.