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Tip From The Professionals ? Floor Polish


The life of a floor polish will depend considerably on the traffic it gets, for instance if used in a school corridor it will probably last less than in a hidden walkway. However the type of product you use can help by reducing the amount of times the floor has to be stripped and replaced, which can make it less economical especially when you include the labour involved.


Cleenol Emulsion polish is a very economical way to coat and protect various types of flooring. It is mostly used by contractors to give an enhanced finish to the floor they have just laid.


Cleenol High Solids Polish is much harder having a higher solids %, and can be expected to last longer, typically only needing to be stripped and replaced annually.


Nova Longlife has a different formulation to the range of emulsions found in the market place and gives a considerably harder and better looking finish and will last even longer especially when maintained properly with a product such as Novacare.


NovaGard is our diamond polish. It gives an even harder and enhanced finish and can be laid with only one coat.


If a quick temporary finish to the floor at little cost then we would recommend Cleenol Emulsion Polish but if a very hard top quality finish that lasts longer and has greatly reduced labour costs we recommend our Nova Longlife or NovaGard.


Remember the life of the polish is always extended by maintaining with a proper emulsion polish maintainer and no other chemical solution.