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This is a top quality product with a good number of applications and can be used for sealing things such as stone, bricks and concrete.
For instance a properly laid concrete floor can give good performance over a number of years.  However, without proper maintenance it will deteriorate through abrasion and chemical reactions with spillages, etc. Dust will be formed causing problems with machinery, stored goods, etc. and creating possible health hazards for operatives.
Novaplex offers good resistance to oils, grease, detergents, water and many other spillages. It is designed to produce a bright, clear, preservative film over the surface of the floor, eliminating surface dusting and simplifying subsequent maintenance. Provided the floor is structurally sound, treatment using Novaplex and its system of maintenance should protect the floor for many years to come.
Novaplex is a semi-permanent, advanced formula, reinforced thermoplastic acrylic sealer for use on most interior concrete floors. This proven water-based sealer is appreciated for its increased health, safety and environmental properties as well as for its tough, durable performance and at the same time passes the SATRA TM144:1999 slip resistance test.
It can be used on most internal cured concrete floors as well as concrete block walls and stone.  Coverage: 5 litres will normally cover 75-120 square metres per coat depending on the texture and porosity of the surface and the method of application. Two coats will be sufficient for many applications but further coats may be applied on highly porous surfaces, etc. Drying time:  each coat will normally dry in 30-50 minutes.
For preparation it is essential that the surface to be treated is thoroughly clean. For normal dirt, use NOVA LIQUID 99.  Where grease or oil have been present, use NOVA TRI-POWER, Degreasant/Cleanser. Use NOVA STARBRITE for areas previously treated with emulsion polish. Scrub thoroughly, rinse clean and allow to dry.
Initial Application
Once the floor is completely clean and dry, Novaplex should be applied thinly and evenly. Use a clean twine mop or applicator.  According to the porosity of the surface, two or more coats will be required. Allow the previous coat to dry before applying the next.  
The life of Novaplex can be extended with the application of a metalized emulsion such as Novagard or Nova Long-Life.  These can be removed using normal strippers and replaced without damaging the Novaplex.  Further coats of Novaplex can be added when it starts to wear in heavy traffic areas but avoid those areas that are still in good condition.
Remember, nearly all large new buildings such as factories, warehouses and the like, will have some form of concrete etc. which, if not sealed, will dust freely and can cause problems to machinery etc.