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Garbage/Rubbish Chute Cleaning


When people discard their garbage/rubbish into the garbage/rubbish chute, bags have a tendency to open or rip on the way down. As this happens, any wet garbage/rubbish will cling to the inner walls and dry garbage/rubbish will then stick to the wet garbage/rubbish creating fire risks, bacteria/virus build up, and extreme odour problems.


We recommend a three stage process. Firstly remove any grime and debris from the chute. Then we suggest you clean and then deodorise. We recommend cleaning with a bactericidal spray, CLEENOL PERFUMED BACTERICIDAL MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER, diluted  4% , followed by a deodorising agent, CLEENZYME ENZYME DEODORISER, sprayed neat.


The above process can be used for any garbage/rubbish storage system too.


If you require any more information please call us on 0044 (1)295 251 721 or email at sales@cleenol.co.uk