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Cleenol products for Septic Tanks


Septic tanks and reed beds work by bacteria breaking down the organic material in the tank.  The bacteria must be in conditions where they can breed.  Establishments with septic tanks should avoid using any chemical products that could kill the bacteria.  These include excessively acidic or high caustic products and most antibacterial products, disinfectants and bleaches. 


The list below provides a selection of products from the Cleenol range which are safe to use within these environments.  The antibacterial products below are formulated using effective biocides, which are inactivated as soon as they enter the septic tank and hence are also safe to use along with the other Cleenol products listed.

All Envirological products

All Cleenzyme products

  • Yellow Label Washaid
  • Rinse Aid and Rinsebrite
  • Cabinet Glasswash

  • All Cleenol washing up liquids and detergents
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Lift Original / Lemon
  • Lift Window & Mirror Cleaner
  • Lift Spray Cleaner with Bactericide
  • Lift Bath and Washroom Cleaner (antibacterial)
  • Impact antibacterial hard surface cleaner

  • Crystalbrite Active Laundry Detergent
  • Sapphire Laundry Detergent
  • Aquamarine Laundry Detergent
  • Crystalbrite Bio / Non Bio  Laundry Powder
  • Gemini Bio / Non Bio  Laundry Powder
  • Care Fabric Softener