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NEW Scrubber Dryer Detergent


Cleenol Scrubber Dryer Detergent is a low foam formulation which is effective for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces including vinyl, rubber, stone, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, sealed wood and cork and all polished floors. It can also be used for the general mopping of lightly soiled floors.


  • For use on a variety of hard floor surfaces.
  • Removes light to general soiling with one pass of the machine (heavier soiling may require more than one pass with a more concentrated solution.)
  • Unperfumed, and hence non-tainting and suitable wherever food is prepared.
  • Non alkaline (pH controlled to 10.0), hence safe on all surfaces.
  • Ideal for automatic cleaning of food storage areas, factories, warehouses and supermarkets.
  • May be used manually with mop and bucket.
  • Biodegradable to EU standards.