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Perfumed Floor Cleaner

A highly effective hard floor cleaner. Cleaners use it as the last process in cleaning a room and then close the door.The perfume then greets the next person into the room.


Product Features

For use in reception areas, corridors, bathrooms, etc. Contains a floral perfume to neutralise odours, leaving floors clean and fresh. Ideal for use on marble and stone floors with polished or natural finishes.


Directions for Use

Dose rate : 150 ml dose is added to 5 litres warm water in a bucket. Remove cap from the 5L container and add to bucket containing 5L warm water. Wash floors using clean mop, then rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Rinse mop and leave to air dry ready for reuse.

Pack Size: 2x5L
Order Ref: 041669
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